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It threatened to collapse, but fortunately, the beauty of the place convinced us to move on.
First vacation, start of work. We were young and we were not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work.
A windmill without mast and rod is not a windmill. It was not so easy for me to spot a carpenter still acquainted with this type of construction. What an extraordinary work: no nails, just wooden pegs, no electric devices, just good old tools handled with love and skill.
Located on one of the highest hills in the region, the mill enjoys an exceptional view: The sun rises on the side of the mountain and lies over the ocean.
And if the weather is rainy or windy, a pleasant and protected dining area awaits you. There is no shortage of a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.
On the middle floor of the mill is the bedroom and, under the roof, the reading / music corner, where you can also plan your next excursion enjoying a good Port wine.
The years passed and it was necessary to replace one of the rotten rods and to restore part of the mast. A boiler was installed and electric energy was modernized. The old pump, which supplied the cistern with rainwater, was finally cut off, with the arrival of the company's water, in 2020! It was as if the mill had finally found its way into the modern world, with all the good it brings, but without ever forgetting the nostalgia of ancient times, which can still be felt in every corner.